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Alex (he/him) is a London-based musical comic and comedy director.

He currently works mainly on live shows across comedy genres (stand-up, clown, character & musical comedy) but has recently ventured into film too.

He was the Clap Back To Reality Winner 2023/24, came 3rd in the Chichester New Act Competition, is a current Kingston New Act Finalist and previous So You Think You're Funny, West End New Act & Musical Comedy Awards Semi-Finalist as a solo musical comic.

He was also a Sketch Off Semi-Finalist in 2023 & 2024 and Dabbers Bingo Comedy Caller Semi-Finalist in double act The Extra Virgins (AKA The Airdressers).

He co-founded and performs with The Bean Spillers, the improvised comedy musical all about gossip.


He will be performing as 'The Judge' in A Jaffa Cake Musical at the Edinburgh Fringe 2024 this August.

He is currently working on solo shows for Edinburgh Fringe 2024 with Eleanor Greene & Miztli Rose, and has previously worked as a comedy director with performers including Claire Parry and Alex Franklin.

The most recent short film he directed, Sunflower Oil, was selected for the Woodstock Film Festival in New York, and can be viewed here.


He co-wrote, co-directed and performed in new multi-pathway musical Runesical, a parody of the beloved video game 'Runescape', had a successful run in Edinburgh in August 2022, followed by a run at the Town and Gown in Cambridge in April 2023, in partnership with RuneScape creators Jagex.

He can currently be seen in the live recordings of Timpson: The Musical and RuneSical, & in his comedy sketches on Instagram and TikTok which have over 2.5 million views.

He is also an Associate of the National Youth Theatre of Great Britain

Please do get in touch if you want a director, performer, a pair of outside eyes or would like to collaborate - I'm always up for a coffee (woah switch to first person!). Also, there are some nice things people have said about working with me here.

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